What is Reiki


The world “Reiki” comes from two Sanskrit words: Rei, meaning “universal" meaning “life force”. Reiki is the process of allowing life force energy to pass through a practitioner’s hands to the client for the purpose of restoring health, relaxation, and well-being. The general belief of Reiki is that life force energy is constantly flowing through and around us on a day-to-day basis. This energy can be positive and negative, and, in the case of negative energies, can become stuck or disrupt pathways in our body. These pathways (often called “Chakras”) are able to be restored and balanced by Reiki being flowed into them.


What happens during a Reiki Session?


During a standard Reiki session, a client will be asked to either lay down on a massage table, or site upright in a chair, while a practitioner runs Reiki energy into you via their hands. This can be done with the practitioner’s hands being set directly on to the body or in the space directly over the body. **Clients are always welcomed to express their need to not be touched directly if that is their preference.


As the session begins, a client may feel a light tingling or changes in temperature throughout their body, though many to not feel anything at all. Sometimes, a client’s mind may drift to seemingly unrelated subjects and/or memories within themselves. Usually this is a sign of the client’s own healing beginning to work with the Reiki energy as it brings up specific areas of their life that may need to be examined. Clients are welcomed to share any sensations or thoughts that come to mind during the session if they so wish but are not required to. Intuitive practitioners will oftentimes share messages they receive during the session with the Client if they receive any, but otherwise remain respectfully quiet during the entire process. All sessions are strictly confidential.


At the end of a session, the client will be asked to move slowly as they stand up, as sometimes the process can cause a client to feel a little light-headed. It is often recommended that clients allow themselves to rest for the duration of the day and drink plenty of water to assist in the body’s detoxification process.


What can Reiki help me with?


Reiki can be used for many different things such as stress reduction, physical pain reduction, mental trauma recovery, preparation for major life events (surgery, important meeting at work, etc.), re-sparking lost inspiration, depression, anxiety, and more. Reiki should not however, be a substitute for a physician’s care and should instead be used in conjunction with other medical professionals or therapists. Any client is always welcome to discuss what kind of Reiki session would benefit them the most with the practitioner.