Wolf & Jackal: Mythic Speakeasy

Wolf & Jackal: Mythic Speakeasy

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Embark on an otherworldly journey at the clandestine Wolf & Jackal, a haven where the opulence of black and gold seamlessly entwines the seedy allure of the 19th century, giving way to the spirited revelry of the roaring 20s. As creatures of the night gather, the evening unfolds into a tapestry of extravagance, paying homage to gods and goddesses of antiquity in a unique blend of decadence and mysticism.

Witness the mesmerizing arts with fire dancing, the tantalizing allure of burlesque, and enchanting magic acts that transport you beyond the realms of the ordinary. The night isn't just about observing; it's about becoming a part of the immersive experience. Embrace the decadence with a best costume/mask contest, where creativity reigns supreme, adding an extra layer of excitement to the affair.

For those seeking an elevated experience, secure a table or indulge in a private booth with your comrades. Immerse yourself in the intimacy of seclusion, accompanied by a private bottle of champagne, as you bask in the enigmatic ambiance of Wolf & Jackal. As an intriguing addition, partake in an immersive ritual honoring the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate, adding a touch of the mystical to the night. Join us for a night of seductive fun, where boundaries blur, and Wolf & Jackal reigns supreme in a world that transcends the ordinary.


Single Seat- $45 This allows you admission to Speakeasy and one drink ticket. 

VIP Booth-$150 You and three of your friends enjoy prime seating in a cushioned booth with table service and 2 drink tickets per guest and a commemorative gift. 

VIP Pagan Party-$250 You and five friends enjoy a private cushioned booth with a bottle of Champagne, table service, drink tickets and a commemorative gift. 

Saturday, Feb 17th. 8:30-Midnight 

Ages 21+ 

Event will be held at Drifters bar & Grill: 25848 Tournament Rd, Valencia 

Space is limited. Purchase with confidence. No refunds or exchanges