Wicked Witchery- FULL COURSE

Wicked Witchery- FULL COURSE

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Blessed Be, Crystals, Moon Water, and herb bundles. Todays modern witchcraft seems so positive and accepting that one would have a hard time wondering why there was so much fuss over such a beautiful practice. 

Do you have have a basic understanding of modern Wicca and want to know something deeper? 

this is NOT a witchcraft 101 class, but a series exploring the darker and wilder parts of witchery. 

Well, beneath the light of the moon and deep in the wooded thicket there is a witchcraft that remains fairly hidden, an archaic practice that has been preserved through folk practices, historical records and can be found in the bread crumbs of myth and children’s fairy tales. 

Was the witch of lore truly wicked? Or, perhaps they were just right? 

Are you perhaps a little bit of a wicked witch?
Perfect for spooky season this series will bring you face to face with the witch, and expose you to not only their history, but the spells and charms necessary to make a little wicked magic yourself. Learn the truth about moon dances, sexual ecstasy, broom riding, grueling potions, poisons, shapeshifting, curses and more. 

This series will help enhance your personal practice, knowledge and skills. Sometimes we all need a little wicked witchery in our lives! 

Classes are available as a series or can be purchased individually. This series will be made available for in person and Via ZOOM. 

* Class will be shorter for Zoom attendees and not include ritual or hands on crafts. 

Series One: Sept 20- The Wicked Witch: She has many names, many guides, and a very sordid history. However, not everything you’ve heard is true. Uncover the origins of the wicked witch and discover how wickedness was thrust upon this ever changing archetype.  Discover the ancient mysteries of the witch and their journey to colonial America and the stigma they constantly endure. Class ends with a game and activity. 

Series Two: Sept 27- The Ancient Witch: Hecate, Circe, Medea these are only but a few of the names that come to mind when one thinks of witchcraft in ancient times. The witch of antiquity was not the crippled hag you think of today. She was a goddess of unparalleled power who was feared by the same ancients of their time. This class explores magic and witchcraft in its most ancient forms starting in Egypt and migrating throughout the Mediterranean and into Europe. Learn the spells, curses and rituals of the ancient witch so that you can utilize their power in your day to day life. Class will end with an activity and ritual. 

Series Three: Oct 4- The Witch of the Woods: Hansel & Gretel are only one of the many to encounter the hermetic Witch. One may think that witches congregate on covens and dance around fires, but the witch is also a solitary creature cloaked in darkness. Explore the history of covens, the witches sabbath, as well as the herbs, roots, curio and poisons that make up the witches arsenal. Learn the spooky folk names of different herbs, the most popular wooded witches and the secrets and spells of their craft, as well as the animal kin and spirits that assist them. The class will end with an activity and ritual. 


Series Four: Oct 11- Something Wicked This Way Comes: 

Curses, Hexes, Sex Magic, Necromancy and more. Now is the time to combine everything you’ve learned from the previous sessions and utilize the wisdom into your personal practice, but first we must visit the most perverse aspects of the witch and see the truth within the lies and fabrication. This class will cover taboo topics such as animal sacrifice, blood magic, sex, death and more. Class will end with an activity and ritual.  Ages 18 +


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