Tarot Workshop: Class Three

Tarot Workshop: Class Three

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Delve into the esoteric ream of Tarot, one of the most coveted tools in the occult world. Learn the history of these arcane tools, as well as an in depth look at the cards and their associations.  Join us at The Olde World Apothecary as we uncover the truth of Tarot and learn the techniques, tips and tricks required to read like a pro. 

Classes may be attended individually at $50 a class. Purchase the entire series and receive a discounted rate at $135. 

Class begins at 7:30pm and will be roughly two hours. 
grouo participation is encouraged. 

Bring your own Tarot deck if desired, we will also have decks available for sale at a discounted rate. 

pen & notebook recommended.

Class One, Aug 15: Intro to Tarot, History & The Major Arcana. Workin the Cards. 

Class Two, Aug 22:  Court Cards & Minor Arcana. Layouts, Spreads. 

Class Three, Aug 29: Tarot & Intuition. Tips & Tricks, reading for others. Psychic Development and Spirit work. Combining Tarot with Oracle cards. 


NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES- Purchase with Confidence