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Paranormal Pass Allows you to attend ALL classes at a discounted group rate.

Available Classes:
Sunday, May 7 th – Introduction to the Paranormal
Learn how to safely and smartly begin your path into the
paranormal whether you want to be an investigator or just want to
learn more about the supernatural world.
Wednesday, May 10 th – Residential Hauntings
We walk you through a residential case and get to know some of
the more intricate details in investigating a home or business.
Sunday, May 14 th – Equipment 101
We teach you the basics on what equipment you need, what
equipment you might want to stay away from. Learn some tricks on
getting the best evidence you can with the resources you have
available to you.
Wednesday, May 17 th – Psychic Testing and Intuition
Students will participate in some fun ESP experiments to check
on their abilities to communicate using telepathy, remote viewing,
precognitive intuition, and various other psychic phenomena.

Sunday, May 21 st – Protection 101
Learn some of the easiest ways you can protect yourself before,
during and after an investigation. We show you different techniques
you can use at home if you feel you might have some energies
lingering about.

Wednesday, May 24 th – Other Spirits and Entities
We look beyond ghosts and explore a deeper world of the
paranormal as we examine some other possibilities that could be the
source of a haunting or paranormal activity.

Sunday, May 28 th – Special Guest Speaker
The Ghost Watch Academy welcomes a fantastic guest lecturer
to address the class and share their knowledge and personal
experiences with the paranormal. Speaker will be announced once
confirmed for this date.

Wednesday, May 31 st – Science and the Paranormal
We take a look at how the paranormal has to include science
into the equation of investigation, evidence gathering and
documentation. We also examine different ideals about what exactly
IS a haunting.

Ghost Watch Academy Extras:
If you want to continue your studies into the Paranormal…
The Ghost Watch Academy will host paranormal investigations at locations all around
Southern California. Students will get first chance at tickets as we limit the number of
attendees to only 10. Again, you will have had to take the Paranormal 101 class to be
allowed to attend an investigation.
Paranormal Open Houses:
Every three months, we look forward to inviting and hosting a wide array of local
paranormal teams and personalities to come and hang out, share stories and
information, and help the students network as they move forward on their path to the
Special Guest Lectures:
Throughout the year, we will have special events that will bring in fantastic Guest
Speakers to talk to student of the Academy. Ghost Watch Academy students will have
their first chance at those tickets as well as special seating and meet and greets with
the speakers after the lecture.

There are no refunds, please purchase with care.