Mysteries of Witchcraft: 10 Week Course

Mysteries of Witchcraft: 10 Week Course

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Witchcraft is a secular practice that has been around since the earliest of civilizations.

After centuries of persecution and stigma witchcraft has survived and is still outwardly practiced throughout the western world. 

Join us for this 10-week course as we delve into the hidden mysteries of witchcraft, learning its history, as well as hands on spells and rituals necessary for any budding or seasoned witch. 

This course is open to all practitioners novices and adepts alike. This course is NOT on Wicca. This series will focus on what is commonly known as Traditional Witchcraft or Folkloric Witchcraft, and will offer a practical application of Magic, Magical Studies, the Occult, and various other topics. 

Individual Classes : $45

Entire Series is $350 ( Includes Free Class and $50 savings)

Entire 10 Week Series : 

Classes are on Wednesdays at 8pm-10:30 beginning Feb 1st 

Course 1 -Wed. Feb 8: History of the Mysteries 

Course 2-Wed. Feb 15: Magic in Folklore 

Course 3-Wed. Feb 22: The Witch's Arsenal 

Course 4-Wed. March 1: The Magic of Planets & Elements 

Course 5-Wed. March 8: The Witches Gods 

Course 6-Wed. March 15: The Witches Altar

Course 7-Wed. March March 22: Sacred Days 

Course 8-Wed. March 29: The Witch & Death

Course 9-Wed. April 5: The Witch & Prophecy 

Course 10-Wed April 12: The Witches Path (Only available to those who participated in the entire course) 

Space is limited. Purchase with confidence. No refunds or exchanges 

Call 661-666-7507 for more info