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Heather Anderson
Heather’s various creative and spiritual endeavors have led her to becoming a sort of jack-of-all-trades here in the Olde World Emporium. Between sewing up a storm of intricate tarot bags and altar cloths, to using her intuitive senses in crafting custom spell bags for clients, her natural gift of being a nurturing guide to all truly comes into play. It only made perfect sense for her natural abilities to be further awakened in 2016 when she was introduced to reiki, where upon after months of practice and learning, she became attuned. With a specialty in emotion-related subjects, Heather has since honed her reiki craft to be able to assist with past life explorations, helping ease any physical pains, and/or calling upon spirit guides to assist with specific situations. She is a Level 2 practitioner, and is thus able to provide services both in person and from a distance.

As a side note, Heather would most likely deny any insinuation that showing her a picture of your cat(s) (or other furry friends!) would result in any reiki session or custom spellwork from her working better.

Heather is available for Reiki sessions and Tarot readings.
Tuesday 12pm-6pm, Thursday 12-6, and Friday 12pm-7pm