The Séance Circle

The Séance Circle

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As the wind picks up and Autumn looms over us and the veil between this world and the realm beyond pulls at its thinnest. The Ancient Celts believed that the fall and winter months were the best time to communicate to the ancestors, beloved dead and spirit world.  Since then many has kept to tradition and utilized the power of fall and winter to bridge that connection with ghosts and spirits. 

Join us on  the evening of Oct 19, Thursday at 8pm as we peer back the veil and invite the spirit realm into The Olde World Apothecary. 

This truly one of a kind Séance is one not be missed.  Famed Magician, Occultist and Psychic Matt Bruce and Traditional Witch and Psychic Mystic Dylan team up to conjure the forces from regions beyond.  

This immersive experience will defy the normal, test your intuition and bring you into the realm of the supernatural.  Sit at a table with a medium and consult with spirits, test your hand at your own spirit work skills, and see, hear and feel the energies shift around you.  How close do you wish to get to the spirit realm?  Choose your level of participation and connection. 

* Must be 21+

* All attendees receive drink tickets 

The Séance Circle $150- Sit at the table with Mediums Matt Bruce  and Mystic Dylan, a more intimate and personal setting, hands on experiences and engagement plus a Commemorative gift.  Limited to 16 people. 

The Tapping Table $100- Sit at a table and have a hands on experience during the seance. partake in hands on activities and witness supernatural experience. 

Couch Seat $85- Limited to 5 participants. Mild participation, witness experiences while sitting on a comfortable antique couch. 

Standard Seat $75-  (Available by phone or purchased in store) rObserve and experience the supernatural elements surrounding you. minimum participation and engagement. witness spectacles and experiences in a safe controlled environment. 

Due to the nature of this experience we ask that all attendees come with an open mind and open heart. 

- Vegan friendly Snacks and Libations provided 

Doors open at 7:30 

Purchase with confidence-No refunds-no exchanges