Witch Balls by III Crows Crossroads


Historically in cultures that accepted magic and magical practitioners, witch balls were made, and then blessed or enchanted by the local witch or medicine woman before being placed in the window of ones abode to forestall any negative energies or spirits that could cause ill will or sickness. In cultures that were fearful of the arcane, they were said to repel all of the above, along with witches' spells and curses. The colors of the ball were said to attract any malevolent spirits. They are sometimes not that smart, so once entranced, the spirit would lean in just a hair too close and get ensnared within the magic encapsulated inside. Once encased inside of the ball, it was deemed harmless and the spirit would be dissipated by the morning sun. Today, they carry a much lighter meaning, normally used as a charm for the home. They have been said to be beneficial in repelling the following (But not limited to):

*Judgmental Pigeons

*Sock Gnomes

*Belligerent Trolls

* Fiddling Crickets

*Whistling Pixies

*Invisible Stink Bugs

*Tap Dancing Spiders

Witch Balls come filled with specific herbs and intentions and sealed with wax and a silver pentagram charm.




Witch Ball - Large

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