Tumbled Tiger's Eye - $5.00 each

These are natural gemstones and can vary in size and color.


Elements: Earth, Fire

Deities: Ra, Sekhmet, Durga, 

Planets: Sun

Signs: Capricorn, Leo

Magickal Properties: New Beginnings, Intuition, Fears, Worries, Depression and Negativity, Wealth, Strength, and Courage.


Tiger's Eye attracts money while curbing impulsive spending or risk-taking. It is said that when you carry a piece of tiger’s eye, by the end of the day any deception will be revealed.


Balances energy levels and the metabolism. Detoxifies the body. Aids energy flow throughout the body. Reduces cravings and addictive behavior.


Protects from psychic attacks and psychic vampirism. Can be used in magickal workings to help the conservation of tigers and other big cats in the wild and care for them in conservation parks. Used in prosperity rituals. Aids in grounding.

Tiger’s Eye