Tumbled Tiger Iron - $10.00 each

These are natural gemstones and can vary in size and color.


Elements: Fire, Earth

Deities: Sekhmet

Planets: Earth

Signs: Leo

Magickal Properties: Strength, Stamina, Focus Will, Physical Energy & Strength, Self-Healing, Grounding


The difference between Tiger Iron and Tiger's Eye is that Tiger Iron has a combination of Red Jasper, Hematite, and Tiger's Eye.


Tiger Iron is the most energetically dynamic of all the grounding stones.  It is useful for self healing and encourages health, personal power, focussed will and mental clarity. 


Tiger Iron lends strength, stamina and energy to the physical body.  It is a protective stone for those that are overly spacey or disengaged from the physical plane. Tiger Iron enhances creative expression and allows one to feel more confident and capable of creating ones reality.

Tiger Iron