Samhain Candle by III Crows Crossroads


Delightful candles made with soy wax and herbs to promote Samhain celebration, great to use pre or post ritual!

Samhain (sow-ihn, "sow" is pronounced like "cow") was one of the most important time of the Celtic year. The work Samhain means "summer's end." This time of the year marks the beginning of the winter quarter - our months of November, December, and January. It's the end of October, a mysterious time when the world seems to be dying, but nature is actually getting ready for a time of repose. As this was considered to be one of the three spirit nights, Samhain was also reputed to be a popular night for divination. This is threshold, a borderline, a time of change and transformation.

Samhain candles may be used a s simple decoration for your home or for your special ritual. The occasion is both somber and joyous, a time of darkness and new beginnings. On the night when the spirit world is near, these candles will light the way for any who need guidance. They will empower your ritual with the sacred elements of the night.

Suggestions for ritual:
Place one or more of these candles in windows to guide the spirits (use caution with curtains) or use them in Jack-o-Lanterns. Carve them with celestial symbols. You can also use these candles on an altar decorated with seasonal items, such as gourds, applies, leaves, and nuts. Or, make an altar dedicated to the memory of your ancestors or other departed loved ones and light of these candles for them.

Includes Samhain chant

Samhain Candle