The Religio Romana Handbook: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner, 2nd Edition, is the first volume in the series, “The Modern Roman Living Series,” by Lucius Vitellius Triarius. It is a guide for the practitioner of the cultus deorum Romanum, the ancient Roman religious system as practiced in the modern time. Not a congregational religion, the cultus deorum Romanum is a religious system based on individual practices, household and ancestor worship, and religion of the state.


This work is a compilation of writings, articles, opinions and beliefs from many practitioners of the Religio Romana in Nova Roma, the global Roman Reconstruction effort in our modern age. It has been compiled to assist those interested in learning more about the cultus deorum Romanum and related Roman culture, both ancient and modern, and has been designed to be of practical use by the religio practitioner and reference guide for the non-practitioner.


Unlike the ancient Greek belief system, the ancient Romans believed that achieving peace and harmony in society required maintaining a positive relationship with the gods and goddesses by all to achieve that equilibrium, as the gods and goddesses walked among us daily. Each person was responsible for doing their part, whatever that part was. If you are new to the religion or a seasoned practitioner, this handbook provides you with detailed information on most aspects of the religio on how you can begin participating the global movement to bring much needed sense and balance to our modern world. The book is comprised of updates of the original 1st Edition sections, plus NEW chapters, which include:

Introduction to Roman Religion - NEW!
Monotheism vs. Polytheism - NEW!
Declaration of Roman Religion
On Roman Reconstruction - UPDATED!
Religion of the Home - UPDATED!
Worshipping the Gods at Home - UPDATED!
Your First Prayer to the Gods - UPDATED!
Ancestral and Household Worship - UPDATED!
Daily Rituals - UPDATED!
Kalends Ritual - UPDATED!
Nones Ritual - UPDATED!
Ides Ritual - UPDATED!
Other Rituals - NEW!
On Domestic Roman Sacrifice - UPDATED!
Posture and Gesture in Roman Prayer - UPDATED!
Foreign Cults in Ancient Rome - UPDATED!
Gods and Goddesses of Rome - UPDATED!
Roman Festivals and Ludi (Games) - UPDATED!
Roman Beliefs about the Afterlife - UPDATED!
The Roman Virtues - NEW!
Glossary of Roman Religious Terms - UPDATED!


This work gives you insight on “repairing” your household and family, which are the foundation stones of all society. It brings new insights from old perspectives, which actually worked for centuries, to the modern view of “family” and its relationship to the hearth.


The hearth is the heart of the family life. To keep the fire alive on the hearth is the bounden duty of the family gods. We of the modern world have lost altogether those conception that made "hearth' and "altar" sacred words. Domestic religion sanctified domestic life. In these days of matches and electricity the smoldering brand of the hearth and their gods has lost its usefulness and, therefore, its sacredness....Our modern improvements have improved these lovely gods out of existence. The men and women of that world would laugh our gods to corn and think of them with pity, — gods shut up in churches, having nothing to do but to listen to the droning of prayers and the confessions of sins; gods who pass their dreary existence away from the warmth of the hearth, the smell of the cooking, the chatter of the maids and the stir of the family life!

Religio Romana Handbook