Purification Candle by III Crows Crossroads


Delightful candles made with soy wax and herbs to promote Purification and cleansing harmful or unwanted energy from your environment or yourself.

Purification candles may be used as simple decoration for your home or for your special protection spells/rituals for yourself, your home, or anything else you need to cleanse. Use during meditation or burn one in each room of your home. You can use these in conjunction with the protection candles, especially when moving into a new home. These are also good candles to burn as you prepare sacred space for a ritual.

If you dislike the smoke associated with smudging a room, you can burn one of these candles and add a few drops of essential oil (rosemary or cedar) to the molten wax pool. This will release the fragrance. Burn these in the room as you bathe or shower to enhance a purification bath.

Best Moon phase to burn: anytime
Best day to burn: anytime
Element and Energy: Water or Fire; receptive (cleansing self) or projective (clearing a space)

Purification Candle - Small