Delightful candles made with soy wax, activated charcoal and oils & herbs to promote Not Today Kar'en - Banishing!!!

Not Today Kar'en candles may be used as simple decoration for your home or for your special intention spells/rituals for yourself, your family or friends that just need to Banish! Are you in a funk, have someone hanging around that puts a temper on your mood, feel your space needs cleaned out? Our Not Today Kar'en is blended with Oils & Herbs to clean that all out & give you a fresh start!! Our soy cream candles made with activated charcoal purifies the air while it burns. Say goodbye to bad odors and negativity and hello to a happy house. The perfect gift for yourself or your favorite host.

Use during meditation or burn one in each room of your home. You can use these in conjunction while you focus on ridding yourself or others of that funk, negative person or even the negative space. Naturally, you must be doing everything you can in a practical way to ensure your success as well. This may involve removing the negative person or place from your immediate circle.

Best Moon phase to burn: waning
Best day to burn: Tuesday or Sunday
Element and Energy:fire; protective

Not Today Kar'en Candle - Large