Money (*Green)
Promote Prosperity and Abundance.
Prosperity, wealth, and abundance should not be considered a greedy goal. We all need a certain amount of prosperity in our lives - we must be able to eat, get around, and have shelter. Don't feel bad if you would like a little more than the bare necessitates, as everyone deserves to comfortable life. The only downfall is when a person puts material success over well-being and personal relationships.

Money candles may be used as simple decoration for your home or are intended to help you focus on good spending habits, bringing prosperity to your life, and paying off debts. Keeping goals in mind and understand that the odds are against you winning the lottery, but more in favor of making sure you are provided with everything you need – and perhaps a little extra from time to time.

Best Moon phase to burn: waxing to full
Best day to burn: Thursday or Friday
Element and Energy: earth; receptive



Money Candle - Large