All pendulums vary in size and color and are ethically sourced.


Pendulum divination is a very simple form of divination that relies heavily on yes/no answers to questions about things that are and things that may come to pass. A pendulum of some sort is tied to a string or chain and held in one hand. As the question is asked, the answer comes in the form of the pendulum swinging north/south, east/west, or in circles of some sort. Mats or predeterminded directions are used for the yes/no validation.


Lapis Lazuli:

Elements: Air, Water

Deities: Mercury, Hermes, Venus, Isis

Planets: Venus

Signs: Capricorn, Sagittarius

Magickal Properties: Charisma, Enlightenment, Excorcism, Intuition, Divination, Longevity, Protection, Psychic Awareness, Truth


Lapis can be used to attract spiritual love and infuse fidelity in a relationship. It is also used to strengthen psychic awareness and intuition.


Lapis helps to disconnect the conscious and subconscious mind and boosts intuition. Lapis lazuli is a very protective stone.

Lapis Lazuli Pendulum