Embrace the green witch inside you and harness the power of plants, crystals, and more

Green witchcraft is a school of witchcraft centered around living in harmony with the earth. This green witch book is your how-to guide for living as a modern green witch in the city, the countryside, or anywhere in between. Explore practices like growing herbs for magic and medicine, honoring the spirits of trees and animals, and using crystals for energy and healing. Green Witchcraft makes it easy with practical tips and instructions to empower both new and practicing witches.

Learn the origins, values, and basic beliefs of green witchcraft. Find out which tools you may need, and arrange your space to serve as a source of your magical energy. Then delve into spells and rituals to help you harness nature’s plentiful power―and build a deeper relationship with the earth.

Go beyond other green witchcraft books with:

  • An accessible spell book―Find more than 20 simple spells, rituals, and crafts, and give the perfect grimoire to anyone interested in witchy gifts.
  • Natural material profiles―Discover the properties of many essential and beloved types of plants, flowers, herbs and greens, stones and crystals, and woods.
  • Real-life witchcraft―Learn what words like “magic” and “energy” really mean to witches, and dispel common misconceptions about witchcraft today.


Explore the green witch book that introduces you to herbs for witchcraft, crystals for witchcraft, and everything you need to get started with green magic.

Green Witchcraft