Tumbled Black Tourmaline - $6.00 each

All natural gemstones vary in shape and color and are ethically sourced.


Element: Water
Planet: Venus, others Saturn
God(dess)es: Manat, Cybele, Aradia
Zodiac: Birthstone for Leo or Libra


Black Tourmaline is a talismanic stone said to protect the user from demons and negative energies while performing magickal work. It is also worn to help minimize the wearer’s own negative thoughts and doubts and encourage positive action as well as a general protectant against miasma and environmental pollutants.


It is also useful for spells involving self-confidence, personal power, rational thinking and decision making, promoting a clear view of reality (through illusion and deception) and for spells related to revealing the cause of trouble, or the person at the root of it. Black tourmaline makes a wonderful scrying stone.

Black Tourmaline