Tumbled Black Obsidian - $5.00

These are natural gemstones and can vary in size and color.


Elements: Fire, Earth

Deities: Pele, Tezcatlipoca, Itzpapalotl; Sekhmet, Ītzpāpālōtl

Planets: Saturn, Pluto

Signs: Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio

Magickal Properties: Assist in Staying Grounded, Assist Unbalanced Energy, Stimulate Your Intuition, Divination, and Keep Energy Clean and Protected


Obsidian is a protective stone that can be used to guard against all forms of negativity and in spells designed to remove negativity from a person, object or area. Obsidian jewelry can be worn to protect against psychic attack and obsidian blades can be used in rituals to cut unwanted links between people.


Obsidian cut into the shape of an arrowhead is a powerful protective amulet. Place four obsidian arrowheads around your home, pointing in the four cardinal directions for protection.


Obsidian is also useful for grounding.

Black Obsidian