All pendulums vary in size and color.


Pendulum divination is a very simple form of divination that relies heavily on yes/no answers to questions about things that are and things that may come to pass. A pendulum of some sort is tied to a string or chain and held in one hand. As the question is asked, the answer comes in the form of the pendulum swinging north/south, east/west, or in circles of some sort. Mats or predeterminded directions are used for the yes/no validation.


Raise your vibrational frequency with Aqua Aura, a lab-enhanced quartz crystal created using a special process that permanently combines vaporized pure gold with natural quartz. The result is a crystal permanently sheathed in an iridescent vivid blue. Aqua Aura is prized both for its beauty and its potent healing and metaphysical qualities. It has a high, intense vibration and is used to activate the energy of other stones and crystals. It helps the holder's inner beauty shine through and it is said to attract wealth and success. It has a strong connection with element of water. It calms the emotional body, releases negative energies from the auric field, enhances communication, protects against psychic attack, and facilitates a connection with the spiritual realm. Aqua Aura resonates with the throatand browchakras.

Aqua Aura Pendulum