Tumbled Agate Carnelian - $1.00

ALL stones vary in shape and size and are ethically sourced.


Angel: Michael
Gods/Goddesses: Isis
Chakra: solar-plexus, sacral
Element: fire
Astrological Sign: Leo, Taurus
Planet: Sun
Sabbat: Samhain
Tarot: Justice


Carnelian warms and cleanses the blood and kidneys and is also said to be good for the pancreas and thyroid. It prevents blood diseases and abnormal bleeding, encourages tissue regeneration and stimulates metabolism. Carnelian is also said to increase the sex drive. Good for the pancreas and thyroid. In addition, carnelian may be worn to prevent skin diseases and insanity.


It is said that carnelian inspires courage without aggression and strengthens self-esteem. It is a good stone to help overcome shyness and stage fright; a wonderful charm for public speaking. Carnelian also in focusing to help the speaker stay on topic. It is also said that a carnelian ring will help the wearer overcome addiction, anger and depression.


Carnelian helps in shielding and may be used as a ward against enchantments and mind-reading psychic attacks. Put a carnelian stone in a fish tank to keep fish healthy and to attract wealth.


Carnelian cleanses and revitalizes aura and helps revitalize the energy of sacred sites. This stone is also said to promote peace and harmony.

Agate Carnelian