Tarot Salon- Four Week Course

A simple shuffle of the cards and your Destiny is revealed. Tarot is an iconic tool that has gained much popularity and attention during the past century, but where do the cards come from? How do you use them? Do they divine the future? Join us at The Olde World Emporium for this three-part series and we will uncover all the mysteries.

This class is suitable for those unfamiliar with Tarot and skilled readers alike. We will tap into the magic of The Major Arcana, Battle with the Court Cards, and learn how to use spreads and tap into our intuition. This will be a hands-on class. Feel free to bring your deck.

Classes will be recorded! Join live or watch later.


Part 1: The Fools Journey!

Learn the History of Tarot and delve into the mystical realm of the Major Arcana. We will be introduced to the Tarot court and then do mini-readings at the end of class.


Part 2: The Minor Arcana & Spreads.  Learn about the Minor Arcana, the different suites, and the importance of numbers. This class will focus on card coupling, synchronicities, and tarot spread. We will partner up and do mini-readings at the end of class.


Part 3: Reveal Your Destiny: Drawing upon the wisdom you’ve gained from the previous lessons this class will focus on using your intuition to look at the cards. We will discuss symbolism, tarot tricks, meditation, how to start and end a reading, grounding, using the cards for Spirit Communication, and other important spiritual methods to incorporate into your reading. This class will end with mini-readings.