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Traditional Witchcraft Class 


This four  week course will focus on non-Wiccan and pre-modern forms of the Craft, inspired by historical aspects of witchcraft and folk magic. This class will cover:


  • The Magical techniques and practices dating back to the Neolithic Era.
  • The truth about the “Dark Ages”and dispel any misconceptions about witchcraft.
  • European Folk Magic, Superstitions & Fairy Lore
  • Ritual techniques
  • Explore different traditions in the craft
  • Each class will end with a ritual
  • Crystals, Herbs, Roots & sacred Trees
  • Different Divination Systems



Week 1- Ways of the Witch:

What is a Witch? What is Traditional Witchcraft? Explore the History, Myth & Magick of the craft through the ages.  What is the Witch’s Sabbat? When is the right time to cast a spell?

Learn about the Witch’s Holidays & importance of Lunar Cycles. Magical Vocabulary, Food & Drink.


Week 2: The Divine Witch: Altered States-Ancestor Worship-Familiar Spirits. Learn the art of Seership. Connect with Spirits, Channeling, the art of Possession, and Soul Flight. An Evening of Spirits, Ancestors & Deities. Learn about the Gods & Goddeses of the Witch. The Horned One & the Devil.


Week 3: The Witch: The Sacred Feminine, Botanicals & Sacred Herbs, Mysteries of the Witch, Dangers & Protection, Tools of the Witch, Witchcraft Hall of Fame, Places of Power, Magical Professions.


Week 4: Applying the Magic: Incorporating magic in your daily life. Hands on class that will walk you through making charms, talismans, fetishes, Sigils, candles and much more. 


Each Class will include Discussions on Ritual/ Spellwork.

* Class will be available In person and via ZOOM 

( Zoom link will be emailed day of class) 

* In person space is limited 

* Please purchase with confidence.

classes available individually or purchase entire course at discounted rate!



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