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“Cursing is evil”

“Real witches don’t curse”

“All witches follow the rule of three”

These are all statements I’m sure you’ve heard during your journey through witchcraft, today probably more so than ever.

What if we told you that all those statements were nothing but fallacies perpetrated by those who try to separate themselves from the negative trope witches get?

Join two fellow Traditional Witches, Mystic Dylan and The Wicked Witch of LA (aka Franny) at The Old World Emporium and learn the Truth about Hexes, Curses, and their sorted history in witchcraft and popular culture.

This two-part series will explore the origins of cursing, its tether to witchcraft, and the importance of offensive magic.

We will also learn how to root out curses, know when one is hexed, and learn how to protect ourselves from malefic magic and forces.

Be advised that this class is taught by Non-Wiccan practitioners and that our methods of sorcery are akin to folk magic and traditional witchcraft practices.

This series will not hold back, and will cover serious topics. Not for the faint of heart.

We ask that you come with an open mind.

Classes Begin @ 8pm

May 17th: CROSSING: Learn the truth behind hexes and curses, their affiliation with witchcraft, how to utilize them in your practice, and learn a few hands-on spells and charms to keep in your witch’s arsenal. The class will end with a hands-on activity.

May 24th: UNCROSSING: This class will focus on protection and countermagic. Learn how to indemnify a hex and curse using omens and divination, as well as protective charms and spells to counter malefic magic and sorcery. The class will end will a hands-on activity.

Each class is $50 unless you purchase the series which is $90 giving you a discount

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