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Tarot Tuesdays - Ongoing

Do you need a quick answer to a question; or simply need some guidance and direction? We are excited to offer special Tarot Readings at only $25 (in-store only) for our patrons. Meet with one of our local experienced readers and get the answers you seek. Walk-ins welcome. 

Readings last approximately 5-10 minutes. Price is only for Tuesdays. No extensions, no rain checks. 

Witchcraft for Social Justice in Unprecedented Times. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Capitol, Olde World Emporium will host a charity educational event for its community during the next full moon: Thursday, January 28, 2021. A panel/round table discussion (hosted on zoom, of course), discourse will be headed by BIPOC practitioners and tackle topics like:

-The role of witchcraft in combating white supremacy

-Witchcraft as a form of protest

-How to deal when hate groups have misappropriated symbols associated with your spirituality

-Witchcraft's colonialist history, avoiding practices not meant for you, and inspiring practitioners to create their own rituals

-How to be a better ally to witches who look and practice differently than you


The hour and a half long panel will culminate in an “eradicate hate” spell focused on manifesting social justice, equality and peace in the United States. Guest speakers: Mystic Dylan @mysticdylanofficial, Olivia Graves @thewitchofwonderlust, Aly Kravetz @BronxWitch, Jew Witch @jewwitchcraft and more TBA.


There will be a suggested $10 donation to participate and all proceeds will be donated to the ACLU.

Come to Voodoo Home School LIVE via Zoom with the World Famous Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary from New Orleans. Join us on Sunday, March 7th at 300 PM CST as we tap in on the secret history and the mystery of New Orleans favorite spirit - Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, and learn a How-To on New Orleans Voodoo! We'll also dabble in some Hoodoo too. Meet the mysteries, learn some spells, and do a guided ritual.

Get in on old school empowerment as Bloody Mary teaches and reaches into your higher soul for connectivity into the Now with intense energy balancing. Her blessings, guided meditations and simple ceremonies will charge you and help shed unhelpful built-up and outworn programs, that can be stored in and around your energy field. Plus, finally Connect with the ancestors and the spirit worlds with confidence!

Part 1 - History, Spiritual, Practical ends with a blessing

Part 2 - Paranormal Talk & How To

All registrants get a FREE e-gift as well as a recorded copy of the class

Introduction to Astrology 101 March 11th & 18th, 2021 at 700pm

What sign are you? This a an ever popular question. Join us as we delve into the realm of Astrology. When you hear about Mercury Retrograde, do you ever wonder what that actually means? There’s more to astrology than just your zodiac sign. By registering for our ‘Introduction to Astrology 101’ series, you will learn the art of reading and interpreting celestial bodies, the study of patterns and relationships of the planets in motion, in addition to understanding the positions of the stars, the movement of the planets of the Solar Systems, and how they have an influence on the events and the lives and behavior of people.


In Part 1 (March 11th Class) - you will focus on the foundations of astrology: the history, science, planets, and zodiac signs. We will cover "The Big Three," what a horoscope actually is, the types of astrology, brief overview of the natal charts, and have a Q&A.

In Part 2 (March 18th Class) - we will go more in-depth on interpreting natal charts. We'll review the planets and zodiac, then discuss astrological houses, aspects, rising signs, patterns, hemispheres, elements, and qualities. This class will be more interactive, as students will have the opportunity to interpret some charts together.

By learning this symbolic language, you will be equipped with a special set of tools to discover more insight into yourself and how to navigate challenges and opportunities in life and business. Moreover, a deeper understanding of your true nature and gifts. Keep your gaze up and stay curious.

History and Overview of Jewish Mysticism and the Occult by Lilah Haxan the Jew Witch. 

Foundations of Jewish Mysticism

Part 1 - Overview: Brief overview of origins of Kabbalah, and brief coverage of Judaism as a religion.

i) originally a tribal religion with strong oral traditions and importance of oral tradition 

ii) many shamanic practices that are now no longer part of the religion

iii) closed-practice and non-proselytizing 

iv) basic beliefs and traditions within Judaism (i.e., the messiah has not yet come, 613 commandments, origin of Jews as people in the Middle East.) Why Kabbalah exists/its function to Jewish people/ WHO practices within Judaism, Tree of Life Basics, The Divine Feminine Importance of Alef-bet, How Kabbalah can be used in the occult (broadly), and lastly, The names of God.

Part 2 - Mysticism: Protection Magic: some basics that work well within a Kabbalah/Jewish frame, The Key of Solomon: why it’s useful but not provably Jewish, Amulets: for various purposes and what and how to get that working, Golems: why this is a cool thing no one will ever accomplish, Angels and Demons: The Jewish philosophy-on these and how to work with them or avoid them, Gematria : numeric Magic built into religious texts, and how you can make that work for you. Evil Eye: avoiding and protection against, as well as the cultural view on, Ancestral Merit: how your ancestors are working for you even though they’re dead, Tehillim (Psalms): the best weapon for spell work, cursing, blessing, healing, etc., and Spit : the most useful bodily fluid, and why.

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