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The Olde World Emporium

23127 Lyons Ave Newhall, CA, 91321  |  Call or Text - 661-666-7507

The Olde World Emporium is Santa Clarita’s premier Metaphysical shoppe. Proud purveyors of unique treasures, ancient traditions, folk art, and witchcraft; we are equipped to supply all your home and practice needs . . . 


Whether you wish to craft your own spell at our exclusive, fully stocked Spellbar, find the perfect otherworldly gift or get a psychic reading from our Spiritual Advisor, you will feel right at home.


Here you’ll find authentic and genuine goods celebrating diverse spiritual practices and cultures from around the globe. We offer eclectic gifts, art from local and established artists, books, crystals, candles and curated classes to immerse yourself in. 


The Olde World Emporium invites you to step into the the past and shed some light on the present through the many spiritual mysteries that linger inside. 

More than just a store. The Olde World Emporium is the gateway to an adventure of both mind and spirit... 


Whether you call it kismet or divine intervention, some kind of magical force brought Mystic Dylan and Brieanne Kelly together. While each of us has had a different journey until now; we both had the shared vision of opening a store in Santa Clarita Valley. Read more about us below. 

Mystic Dylan

I always had an attraction to mysticism. At 13, I received my first tarot deck from my mother, and was entranced by their esoteric nature and history. I began to study the cards, and soon sought out other forms of divination: runes, tea-leaf reading, scrying boards, pendulums, palmistry, and throwing bones. I sharpened my craft by giving readings to family and friends and built on that foundation by attending classes in the Occult Arts in Los Angeles, New York, and New Orleans. My connection to mysticism and love for knowledge allowed me to study, explore, and dedicate myself to the art of Witchcraft, as well as Hoodoo, Root-work, and Shamanism. I am a practicing Witch and use the craft to assist me in both my personal and professional life.

Being born with Irish, German, and Native American blood, I attribute my spiritual gifts to my many ancestors who walk and work beside me, guiding me on my sacred journey. I’ve worked professionally for 10 years in both retail establishments and entertainment venues, and my varied background has allowed me to help others with phone and in-person sessions, parties, receptions, séances and other events. I consider psychic readings to be a conversation between the client and the tools. I am an oracle in the purest sense; I convey the information shown to me from the beyond to assist you in finding your path of least resistance. ​


Since childhood I’ve always know that Magic existed. I felt a strong connection to nature and knew that there were things amongst us that we couldn’t see with our eyes.  When I was 9 my mother took me into a local shop in Hollywood that changed my life. Not only did it confirm that Magic existed, but that it was also accessible to us. As I studied and delved deeper into my spiritual path, I frequented a lot of similar shops, but none truly resonated with me. As a professional witch and psychic, I’ve worked in numerous New Age, Occult and Witchcraft establishments. I have an understanding of what people look for in terms of product, aesthetic and quality. I have knowledge of the tools required for specific rituals and have friendships with vendors and other practitioners that will allow this shop to succeed. With my knowledge, practice, and connections I plan to make this shop more than just a retail space, but a community and portal to spiritual guidance.


Brieanne Kelly

When I was a teenager, I discovered a store in Los Angeles that changed my life. This store felt like the perfect fit for me; I felt like I belonged among the rows and rows of unique, quirky, and odd gifts! From Tiki glasses, esoterica, hard to find art books, and stickers, you name it. But most importantly, I discovered some of my favorite pop-surrealistic artists there. This store planted a seed in the back of mind to one day open a store of my own, and create a special space which I could pour my heart, soul, and creative passions into, and that was all welcoming for others. However, I didn’t water that seed for many, many years, and I took a few alternate professional paths to where I am now. I’ve worked in sales and marketing, retail, customer service, healthcare and the military (most recently where my path was cut short), and I realized, now, more than ever, was the right time to start a new journey. A la, The Olde World Emporium.

Everything happens for a reason, right? The past seven years I have been serving in the CA Air National Guard. However, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy over a year ago which is a disqualifying condition to stay in the service. When I found out I was being discharged, my gut immediately led me back to the thought of opening up my own shop. As of 30 June 2020, I was officially medically retired from service. I learned so much from my time in the military serving in different capacities, and I am eternally grateful for the friendships I forged in service and the experiences I had. I am proud of what I achieved and the skillsets I obtained (never thought I would have a Security+ certification!) and I hope to parlay these skills into our business.

Life is too short, and I need to follow my intuition and try this new journey. It’s important to me to try and create a legacy in my community, and to set an example for my daughter to never stop living her dreams. Regardless of the actual meaning of the song, there are two lines from Ozzy Osbourne’s “I Just Want You” which is my new motto to live by: There are no impossible dreams. There are no unachievable goals.

The Olde World Emporium Core Values


Practicing with Integrity – We make conscious choices when planning, operating, creating classes, and researching product offerings with a genuine and authentic spirit. We aren’t here to sell snake oil; you can trust us for high quality products and ethical services which we use ourselves. We have hand-picked every item in our store from artisans, practitioners, and craftspeople, near and far, who align with our core values. 


Customer Service – We hold ourselves accountable and to a high standard. The Olde World Emporium is our home away from home, and we will always treat you as a welcomed guest; everyone is honored and valued (online and in-person). Transparency, open and honest communication is a tenet we thrive by. We believe there is a person behind every transaction. If at any time, your experience is less than pleasurable, we will go above and beyond to make it right. We are here to listen.


Dedication to Community – This space is dedicated not only to our ancestors, but yours as well. We dedicate this space to those that follow the beat of a different drum. We acknowledge, accept, and welcome you regardless of race, gender, sex, creed, color, or faith. Throughout history, people have been persecuted for their differences; here we wish them to be celebrated. We do not adhere to any specific spiritual dogma, or practice. This space is intended to bring about community, while also embracing our differences. We do NOT tolerate Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia, Transphobia, or support any Political propaganda. Our mission is solely to elevate and educate the mind, body, and spirit

We are a Proud Woman owned/Veteran owned/ LGBTQ Business!


Our store proudly offers thousands of spiritual products. Need help finding something? Call or text 661-666-7507, or email theoldeworldemporium@gmail.com

23127 Lyons Ave

Newhall, CA 91321



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